Albanian anti-terror squad terrorise Greek villagers for installing a crucifix at their monastery ahead of Easter

Heimarra in Albania

Heimarra in Albania

Officers from the Albanian Anti-Terrorist Service stormed homes in the mainly Greek speaking town of Himara in Albania with automatic weapons, and carried out checks and interrogated several people because of the installation of a cross at the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, in Athali.

As the website notes, at 7am Sunday morning several Albanian police officers from the capital of Tirana raided several homes in Himara over the placement of the crucifix at the monastery ahead of Easter.

Police searched the homes without the presence of a prosecutor or with a warrant and then took the villagers to the nearest police station for questioning.

Heimarra in Albania

More than 10 villagers are still at the police station, including George Skouras, who built and installed the cross.

Anyone who tried to visit the police station to ask for explanations was threatened with arrest for not complying with the quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus.

The matter is still in progress.

*Image credit: Himara