Governor General of Australia uses social media to support Lysicrates Foundation

Lysicrates Prize Governor General

The Governor General of Australia, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), has taken to his social media pages with a message in support of the Lyrsicrates Foundation in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

"COVID-19 means going to the theatre is not an option. We can still, however, enjoy the very best our local artists offer," his message reads.

The Lysicrates Prize is a philanthropic initiative presented by The Lysicrates Foundation and produced by Griffin Theatre Company.

A competition that showcases some of Australia’s most exciting playwriting talent, The Lysicrates Prize is based on the ancient Athenian model created as part of the Great Dionysia Festival.  Tens of thousands of spectators would flock to the huge open air Theatre of Dionysus, beneath the Acropolis, for a drama competition where the audience would decide on the winner.

Lysicrates Prize Online Competition Message from the Governor General

The Governor General of Australia takes to social media with a message of support for the Lysicrates Foundation
*The Governor General of Australia takes to social media with a message of support for the Lysicrates Foundation

The Governor General supports The Lysicrates Foundation Initiative via his social media pages

Fast-forward to 2020 and the Governor General of Australia explains, "The Lysicrates Play Competition, hosted by The Lysicrates Foundation of which Mrs Hurley is Patron, is a unique celebration of Australian theatre and playwrights.

"Drawing on the traditions of ancient Athens, Australian playwrights are invited to submit the first 20 minutes of a new full-length feature work. Three finalists are chosen, and directors and actors have one week to prepare their performance. Just as in ancient Greece where playwrights regularly competed against each other in front of thousands of people, the winner is selected by popular vote. The winning playwright receives a full commission to complete the work."

The Governor-General and his wife Mrs Hurley attended the Lysicrates Prize Live Performances Event earlier this year and are now encouraging all Australians to view the remarkable creative works online and vote.

Lysicrates Prize Governor General
*Australia's Governor General, His Excellency Gen. David Hurley and his wife, Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley, Patron of the Lysicrates Foundation, attend the Lysicrates Prize Event earlier this year, seen here congratulating Sydney playwright Brooke Robinson on her win.

The introduction of this online component for the first time this year allows The Lysicrates Prize to remain faithful to its mantra, that being ‘Theatre for All’ as those who were not able to attend the live event are still able to participate and make their vote count.

Vote Online to Win $1K

The winner of the online competition will receive a cash prize to support their ongoing creativity.

Not only that but every online voter goes into a draw to win $1K, just by viewing the shortlisted plays and casting a vote for their favourite.

Using the hashtag '#stayconnected', the Governor General ends his message by noting that the Lysicrates Prize 2020 Online Competition is "... a great way to stay connected – why not organise friends and families to watch the performances, cast your votes, and then get together over the phone or video chat to discuss who you voted for?"

Go to the Lysicrates Foundation website  to watch the finalist plays for the Online Competition and to cast your vote.

Lysicrates Online Vote
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