Greek military release video of operation against Turkey's asymmetric invasion attempt (VIDEO)

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The General Staff of the National Defence released a new video of the Greek Armed Forces dealing with the recent crisis at Evros on the Greek-Turkish border.

In late February and for the near entirety of March, Turkey attempted to flood Greece with thousands of illegal immigrants.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had expected to easily flood Greece with illegal immigrants and blackmail Europe to receive more money to stop the flow as he had done in 2015/16. What he did not realise though that unlike in 2015, Greece was ready to face Turkey's asymmetric invasion attempt.

Not only did Greece quickly suspend new asylum cases for the entirety of March, it quickly reinforced its border with barbed wire, concrete blocks, strengthened fencing and others means, as seen in the video.

European countries also came to aid Greek efforts at the borders, frustrating the Turks so much that many of their leaders questioned why the Europeans were helping Greece.

Among others, Austria, Slovakia and Cyprus played a pivotal role in preventing Greece from being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and all contributed special police units.

To Erdoğan's shock, Europe was not willing to be blackmailed again and strongly supported Greece's efforts.

The asymmetric invasion attempt finally ended earlier this month when the Turkish side of the border had a coronavirus outbreak in the migrant camps.

A Syrian man who tried to illegally enter Greece revealed that it was Turkish forces prompting the illegal migrants to be violent against Greek border forces, as reported by Greek City Times.

Erdoğan claims that it was the influx of refugees from the Syrian province of Idlib that forced Turkey to open its border with Greece as it could not host anymore. What the Turkish president omits is that 60% of those trying to enter Greece last month were Afghans and only a small number were Syrian, as reported by the Greek government.