Greek police carry out “stringent controls” at Attica road tolls

coronavirus athens tolls

coronavirus athens tolls

The Hellenic Police are intensifying inspections at road tolls in Athens, ahead of Holy Week and the normal ‘exodus to villages’ for Greek Orthodox Easter, in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

On Thursday, officers were stationed at two major road tolls in Attica checking whether motorists had the necessary movement permits.

As Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias announced yesterday, there will be stringent controls at national highway toll stations, ports and other long-distance travel stations. He warned that anyone who tries to get around the curfew and goes through tolls, roads leading to the national highway and main roads in and out of cities, will be turned back, their car plates removed for 60 days and a fine of €300 will be given.

There are fears that if Easter in villages are allowed, the situation is likely to become uncontrolled and the coronavirus will spread across Greece at a rapid pace.

So far, police have caught 20 offenders. In one case, a driver, who had two other people in his vehicle was fined €450 euros and was forced to return to Athens.

On Wednesday, authorities recorded a total of 2,104 violations of the curfew violations imposed by the Government to contain the spread of coronavirus in Greece.

Specifically, police said that violations of curfew were recorded in the region of Attica (793), in Thessaloniki (274), in Central Macedonia (170) and in Western Greece (157).

It is noted that a total of 26,855 violations have been recorded since the first day of the measures.