Terra Creta awarded ‘Best Olive Oil from Greece’ at the Evooleum Awards 2020

Terra Creta

Terra Creta

Greek Olive oil brand Terra Creta has won two important accolades at the world-renowned Evooleum Awards 2020.

The International Awards for the quality of extra virgin olive oil, The Evooleum Awards awarded Terra Creta:

  1. ‘Best Olive Oil from Greece’ and ‘Best Olive Oil of the Koroneiki variety’ fro Gran Cru and
  2. ‘Best Greek PDO’ for the PDO of Kolymvari

In addition, Terra Creta is the sole Greek company that managed to attain the score required in order to appear on the printed list of the Evooleum top 100, where the world’s 100 highest-quality olive oils are represented.

Terra Creta is located in the middle of the famous olive grove of Kolymvari, Chania. With a strong commitment to quality, it has managed to export its olive oil to more than 45 countries around the world, having won more than 75 awards in international competitions.

The company approaches the product holistically by collaborating with a farmers’ team under the supervision of agronomists, operating a state-of-the-art oil mill and bottling unit. Its philosophy is based on providing consumers with high nutritional value products that are produced through sustainable practices.

It has taken initiatives in the field of sustainable olive cultivation and innovates with products such as olive oil spray and traceability of olive oil products. It holds one of the leading positions in Greek olive oil exports, exporting 95% of its production.