More than 30,000 curfew violations recorded in Greece



Despite the overall compliance to lockdown measures demonstrated by citizens, authorities reported a total of 33,914 violations since the start of lockdown in Greece on March 23.

In terms of stores remaining open without being exempted from lockdown, 21 violations were registered on Saturday and 22 people arrested. As of March 12, when lockdown began for non-exempt retail stores, a total of 415 violations have been recorded and 400 people arrested.

On Sunday, the Port Authority in Crete shut down the northern jetty of Heraklion after crowds ignored coronavirus-related restrictions to maintain distances.

According to Heraklion Port Authority chief Efthymis Douves, following four days of rainy weather, the public went out to the Koules Fortress jetty for exercise and walking but it was too crowded.

"We used to shut down the jetty by sundown, and we were very happy with the public's understanding. But the last two days things got out of hand, and at some point there were 2,000 people on the jetty," Douves said, "so we decided to shut it down to protect the public."

"The jetty is a popular walking area, and weather conditions improving may have led more to leave their home even briefly."

In Greece on Saturday, authorities handed out fines for 74 trips outside one's region and an additional 2,322 unjustified or undocumented outings. The area with the greater number of violations in terms of travelling between regions was in Central Macedonia (29) and in terms of unjustified travel the Attica prefecture (850), followed by Thessaloniki (277). The first case incurs a fine of 300 euros, the latter of 150 euros.