Turkish journalist slams Erdoğan’s failed invasion of Greece using illegal immigrants



As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s popularity declined after failing to invade Syria’s Idlib province and Libya, he then decided to take aim at the “Old Greek Enemy” to regain his standing in Turkey. However, things did not go the way he had expected and rather Turkey had to resort to lies that 150,000 illegal immigrants had successfully made it into Greece – they made this lie even though there were European observers at the border who can attest to the truth.

What was meant to be a Turkish success after their failures in Syria and Libya just turned into another failure on a very long list.

Now even the media are not holding back, with Turkish journalist Emin Çölaşan describing Erdoğan’s policy to flood Greece with illegal immigrants as “zero in the quotient.”

In an article in Sözcü, titled “What Happened at the Greek Border!” Çölaşan stigmatises the Turkish government’s tactics, completely deconstructing Ankara’s allegations of what it allegedly achieved at Evros on the Greek-Turkish border.

“It all started with a speech by Mr. Recep. He criticized the EU for its negative attitude towards Turkey, saying that we could no longer stand it and complaining about money. And then he came up with an idea: “We will open our borders with Greece and we will allow immigrants to go to this country. Let them be educated a little too and we’ll see!” he said.

“Of course, everyone in every corner of Turkey has learned that. Tens of thousands of people from all races and countries gathered at the border. Anyone who had money took a taxi from Istanbul and ran to the border. But these facilities (!) Were only offered to Greece. It was not good for us to bother our other neighboring country, Bulgaria, which is also a member of the EU. Tens of thousands of people have come to the border to fulfill their biggest dream. To find a job in Europe. But Greece did not let them in,” the columnist explained.

“The goal of our administrators was to send a package to Greece and to transfer all the material and moral weight there. “Let them think a little too,” they said. But Greece was awake. They said they would not let anyone go and closed the borders. What happened across the border is an example to the whole world. Scenes were immediately set up in the area. But it is unknown how / where these scenes were found, especially the tens of thousands of people who came from Istanbul, and who organized them. More correctly. Everyone knew the truth but did not tell it,” Çölaşan continued.

“Tens of thousands of people along the Evros were starving and living in the garbage, turning the fields into open toilets or sacking in tents. We had new troubles in our heads. They had health problems. We had to feed them. The prefecture and the town hall of Edirne were involved. We started spending our own money again,” he said.

“We reached the end and returned to the beginning. “Let’s make Greece a little more difficult,” they said, but it turned out to be a hole in the water. Now some people say, “Oh, mother, if it weren’t for the coronavirus, we would have killed them.” Result: Zero in the quotient. It’s a pity for these people, a pity for the resources of our country and a pity for the dignity of our country,” he concluded.