Islamic Leader: The Greek government proves its respect for the religious beliefs of all citizens

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Just days after Al-Jazeera and its journalist Glenn Ellis released a propaganda video that attempted to smear Greece's supposed human rights abuses against its Muslim minority, an Islamic leader has said that the "Greek Government, proving its respect for the religious beliefs of all citizens and the Constitution, has taken the same measures for all religious communities and all believers without discrimination."

Al-Jazeera made ludicrous claims that Greece discriminated against the Muslim minority and other allegations that were debunked by Greek City Times.

The comments came from Hamza Osman, Mufti of Didymoteicho, a small town only 2 kilometers from the Greek-Turkish border and a center for the Greek military.

The Mufti then urged all Muslims to show respect for the upcoming Good Friday morning and Easter mourning.

"We all know that next week will be a week of mourning for our Christian fellow citizens according to their own religion and we, as faithful Muslims, must show our respect for this fact," he said.

The Mufti then urged his followers to take extra precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

"What we all need to do now is to stay home, to pray in our homes, to avoid any movement, and to act as if we are carriers of the coronavirus to protect our family and society," the Mufti concluded.

Although Al-Jazeera attempted to discredit Greece, it would be hard pressed for them to find legitimacy in their claims outside of those who like programmed mouthpieces regurgitate the line of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who aims to annex large areas of northern Greece and the eastern Aegean islands.

The majority of the Greek Muslim minority in Western Thrace are loyal to Greece. However, Turkey is forging close relations with a small amount of the Greek Muslim in Western Thrace to serve as a fifth column, and it was these very people that Al-Jazeera interviewed.