World's first Bougatsa/Galaktoboureko hybrid Tsoureki at Alevri

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!


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Oh sugar! Don’t miss trying Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and his wife Kathy, have come up with a melt-in-your-mouth tsoureki, which is available for a limited time.

"Think Bougatsa, think Galaktoboureko, think Tsoureki... we call it 'Tsoureki Thessaloniki's', Aki stated.

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

The texture of the tsoureki, the smoothness of the traditional Greek custard, the aroma of the Mahlepi...don't lie to yourself that you don't want to have a bite (or a bit more) of their unique creation.

Aki and Kathy are constantly thinking of new flavours and ideas to introduce to their most beloved family, their customers. And anything they create, always manages to place your taste buds into a flavour frenzy.

At Alevri, there is also a variety of other tsoureki options. Choose from plain, ION Milk chocolate, ION white chocolate, almonds and of course the all new and original Tsoureki Thessalonikis!

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

Alevri's Tsoureki Thessaloniki's!

This Greek Fourno/Zaharoplastio (Greek bakery/sweet shop) in Sydney, Australia, have an awesome team behind them which Aki and Kathy acknowledge that their sometimes whacky and extraordinary ideas could not be brought to life without the support of their entire staff.

To avoid missing out (which will make you us on that one), place your order by calling 85779761.

Remember these two words "Tsoureki Thessaloniki's" and be sure to... run, don't walk!


Address: 260-264 Wardell Rd, (corner Ewart St) Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
Telephone: 02 8577 9761
Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-4pm
Address: Shop G035, Vicinity Roselands Shopping Centre, Roselands NSW 2196
Hours: Mon- Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm