Turkish Cypriot leader accused of "drug smuggling" coronavirus medical supplies

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Mustafa Akıncı

Drugs and medical supplies were illegally transferred to the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' pseudo-state by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı, according to a statement issued by the illegal 'Prime Minister's office" of Ersin Tatar.

According to the statement, the drugs will be examined by the 'pharmaceutical services' of the 'Ministry of Health' and if they are considered appropriate, they will be allowed to be placed in the warehouses and used.

The supplies included approximately 2,000 chloroquine pills known to heal coronavirus and protective equipment for medical staff to use around infected people.

The statement against Akıncı claims that the medical supplies crossed into occupied northern Cyprus "illegally,” adding that for the entry of any drug or medical equipment to the north, permission must be granted first and then passed through customs.

“We learned from this announcement that we have conducted a major smuggling crime,” Akinci said in response to the allegations of drug smuggling.

There is little doubt that the allegations against Akıncı are politically motivated, as the Turkish Cypriot leader often clashes with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Akıncı openly says that he wants occupied northern Cyprus to have less influence from Turkey and to eventually reunite with the Republic of Cyprus. As he is one of the lone voices in the northern Cypriot administration who wants reunification, he is considered an enemy and traitor.

Only days ago the Turkish Cypriot 'Minister of Health' stressed that there is a lack of medicines and medical supplies. The Republic of Cyprus decided to help occupied northern Cyprus as it is a quasi state recognised only by Turkey and deemed illegal as confirmed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 541 and UN Security Council Resolution 550. Now that there are medical supplies for northern Cyprus, pro-Erdoğan enemies of Akıncı say that these medicines were "smuggled" in a blatant attempted to try and remove the Turkish Cypriot leader from power.

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