A mother jumps the locked gates of the cemetery where her 17-year-old son is buried



A mother from Patras jumped the gates of the cemetery on Holy Friday, to light the candle in memory of her 17-year-old son, Giorgos Dagiouklas, who died in a car accident.

The mother, Glykeria Lytra, broke down in tears as she told OPEN that she could not leave her child without a lit candle. "It is very difficult. I have a lantern for my child and I want to take it today. I will go, I will find a way. I went in the morning everything was closed. If you go for a walk in Patras, you will see people walking up and down the sidewalks and squares. The supermarkets are full. I can't ignore the fact that the Square is full, I can't ignore that there are three or four people in the supermarkets at a distance of one meter, I can't ignore that in Venizelou and in the southern park there are crowds in the afternoon," she said.

Earlier this week Greece’s Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias stated that cemeteries would remain shut on Good Friday, a day when family members traditionally pay their respects to the dead.

"I… .I did something illegal… judge me… .I jumped the railings… .And I don't regret being illegal for you…I would do anything for my children… I would die I would give my life… No But I could… .But I would not leave my child without a lit candle... Happy Resurrection to all… I went to my child .. No one can forbid me," she posted on Facebook.