Easter Message to our GCT family



Πάσχα (Pascha) this year symbolises love and solidarity more than ever.

For the first time in history, this year's Easter finds us in extraordinary and challenging times that have significantly changed our previous way of life.

We will spend Easter only with the members of our household, so that we can all celebrate together next year.

These are worrying days and the impact of the measures to deal with the coronavirus has affected us all around the world. Yet amidst these worries, we are thankful for our healthcare workers and all those who continue to enable society to function at this critical time.

Easter is a time of reflection, and that’s even more heightened this year. It resonates even more with how to be connected with yourself to give you the necessary strength, guidance and clarity.

As the churches remain closed to the faithful, we "Μένουμε Σπίτι" (Stay Home) and with technology and social media, we have the tools we need during Holy Week to stay united and spread the message of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And even though we are far from our loved ones (extended family and friends), that doesn't stop us from keeping in touch. We can send the warmest hug to those we miss via video calls and messages.

Let us be thankful for everything we have.

Together on Holy Saturday night, we will celebrate the Resurrection!

May the Resurrection be a true light in our life.

We will overcome this and become even stronger and more united.

Καλή Ανάσταση!

GCT team

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