Chaos in Greek jail on Easter after Muslim inmates attack prisoners drinking alcohol

prison of Komotini

prison of Komotini

Violent incidents which left one man in hospital, took place in the prison of Komotini at noon on Easter Sunday, according to Rodopi News.

Due to the holiday and festive nature of Easter, the prison staff of Komotini prison in Greece's northeast distributed soft drinks and beer to the prisoners at lunch. Many of the prisoners gladly accepted the small gift, but according to sources used by Rodopi News, some detainees from Pakistan or Afghanistan (whom reportedly have links to extremist groups), initially verbally and then violently attacked prisoners who drank alcohol.

It all happened very quickly, according to Rodopi News, and resulted in violent incidents that injured six foreign prisoners, one of whom suffered serious injuries and was taken to a hospital.

The immediate intervention of the security personnel of the Komotini prison proved to be a lifeline for the reduction of the violence so that the tension would not be generalised with unpredictable consequences.

The Rodopi News directly contacted the Komotini prison, but the contact person said that information will be provided on Tuesday.

Komitini prison is also a hot bed of criminality, with cannabis, counterfeit alcohol and mobile phones often found during raids throughout the prison.

According to Greek state-run news agency ANA-MPA, cannabis last year was found in the prison and was packed in 33 nylon packages and the alcohol was kept in two buckets during an October raid coordinated between prison employees, outside guards and officers of the special crime prevention and repression team.

The prison has also held İbrahim Şerif, the illegal mufti of Komotini, for conducting a Friday prayer in one of the villages of Evros province in March 2016.

In Greece, just as the case is in Turkey, mufti's cannot be elected by the people and rather must be appointed by the state.