Kastanies locals give Easter gifts to Greek border security preventing illegal immigrants entering from Turkey

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The small village of Kastanies in the Evros region on the Greek-Turkish border became a major site in last month's attempt by Turkey to flood Greece with illegal immigrants.

Unlike in 2015, Greece this time was fully prepared and repelled the Turkish attempts to asymmetrically invade. It was a shock that no one in the Turkish leadership was expecting.

However, with Easter being celebrated in unusual circumstances because of the coronavirus lockdowns in Greece, residents of Kastanies still wanted to show appreciation to the Greek border security who ensured that their town was not flooded with illegal immigrants.

Late Saturday night, the women of Kastanies offered buns and red eggs to border security in act of support to a squad of the Rodopi Police Department, who these days are far from their families to guard the borders of any Turkish aggression.

The locals and the receiving officer both thank each other, show appreciation and wish each other a Good Easter.

The video you see was uploaded to Facebook by the General Regional Police Directorate of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. This was not the first time that women in Evros have shown their support for everyone guarding the border, as they have done so repeatedly in the past.

Although Turkey withdrew the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from the border region because of the coronavirus outbreak in the migrant camps on the Turkish side of the border, Greece is not relaxing knowing that at any given moment Turkey could attempt to open the gates again.

Despite failing to asymmetrically invade Greece with illegal immigrants, Turkey has committed to the lie that 150,000 people poured into Greece. This claim is made even though there were police from several European countries, including Poland and Austria, on the border and prevented all crossings by the illegal immigrants.