Greece ranked 58th in coronavirus country listing

By 2 years ago
Image credit: Eurokinissi

Greece continues to win praise from the international community in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic as it continues to improve its ranking amongst countries with the confirmed COVID-19 cases.

According to the latest data, Greece is currently ranked 58th in the list of the countries with confirmed COVID-19 virus cases against the 52nd position it was ranked one week ago and the 43rd the week before.

Meanwhile at the top of the list with confirmed cases as of April 20 are: USA with 764,265, Spain with 198,674, Italy with 178,972, China with 81,439, France with 152,894 and Germany with 145,742.

Greece has approximately 214 confirmed cases per one million people, a rate that places Greece very low, in the 85th place against the 81st a week ago. The global average of cases is approximately 309 per one million people.

In the list of deaths from COVID-19, US is first with 40,565 followed by Italy with 23,660 deaths, Spain with 20,453, France with 19,718 and the United Kingdom with 16,060.

With 113 deaths, Greece is in the 46th place worldwide in the number of victims from the 39th it was last week. Greece records roughly 11 deaths per one million of population, which ranks it 58th worldwide and 21st in EU. The global average is 21 deaths per million, so Greece is under the average rate.

*The figures are from the international database Worldometers


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