Meet Alexandros Maragos, the filmmaker behind the 'City of Athens'

Alexandros Maragos, the filmmaker behind the 'City of Athens'

Alexandros Maragos, the filmmaker behind the 'City of Athens'

In 2018, Greek filmmaker and award winning photographer Alexandros Maragos released a stunning time-lapse video titled 'City of Athens', which still continues to mesmerise thousands.

Shot over 90 days, Alexandros takes viewers on a visual journey with hyper / time-lapse techniques using 60,000 images, and explores old and new Athenian urban landscapes through light and movement.

This film also serves as a reminder of how - despite enduring wars, economic crisis' and hardships - Athens has stood firm for centuries, and is still thriving, creative, resilient and optimistic.


  • What do you love most about your home city, Athens?

It's not just one thing, it's a combination of many elements. The history, the bustling streets, the nightlife, the people, the climate, the sun, the sea, the urban landscape. I was born in the very centre of the city and I find myself extremely lucky that for the last 42 years the first thing I see every morning is the Acropolis.

  • Of all your achievements, which are you MOST proudest of?

I would say the projections we did at the exterior facades of UNESCO's iconic headquarters in Paris, France. I had the honour to be invited among 19 artists from around the world to project my work in celebration of UNESCO's 70th anniversary. It was a first-of-its-kind large scale projection show, and having the opportunity to project footage which I shot in Greece, in the centre of Paris, was a great experience.

  • What is your favourite restaurant in Athens?

If I had to choose just one I would say Vezene Restaurant which is located opposite the Hilton Hotel in the heart of the city. An amazing team of people that work together to create absolutely delicious food. The service and atmosphere is excellent.

  • What is your favourite holiday destination in Greece?

I like to travel to different destinations each Summer and see different locations of the country. Greece has so many gorgeous places to visit... Some of my favourites are Navagio beach on the coast of the island of Zakynthos, Balos Lagoon on the island of Crete, and of course Sarakiniko in the island of Milos.

  • As a young boy, what did you want to grow up to be?

I had absolutely on idea what I wanted to be. For me finding the right path took me many years. I always liked the arts so at first I began with music production, then I moved to graphic design and at some point I found myself working at local TV Networks as an editor. From there, one thing led to the other and I started shooting videos, and taking my first jobs as a photographer.

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