Our country stood up to threats against our borders and our health, and we’re winning: Greek PM message to sailors

kyriakos mitsotakis

kyriakos mitsotakis

Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Sunday sent his Easter wishes to Greek sailors who spent Easter Saturday and the Resurrection out at sea.

The message was forwarded via OTE to all seagoing ships around the world. Also, the Prime Minister sent his Easter greeting and wishes to the executives, women and men of the Coast Guard who were on duty at that time, via the Operations Centre of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.

The message of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to our sailors:

Greek sailors, everywhere in the world, Christ is Risen!

I know that my wishes find you in different oceans and hemispheres - and at different times. But that doesn't change the message I'm sending from home: We're together, no matter how far you go, because Easter unites us Greeks and this country's love for its seamanship.

We all recognise that our seafaring ships are holding the Greek flag high everywhere, offering valuable resources to the national economy. After all, we are one of the first and most dynamic naval forces in the world.

At such times, however, pride is combined with nostalgia. You are sailing away from your loved ones, and they feel your absence more than ever. This, however, has always been the fate of Greek sailors: to flourish on the waves, with the expectation of meeting one day again their loved ones. That is why, after all, “nostos” remains a unique Greek word, since no translation can convey its meaning. And no communication from afar is comforts ‘her’ enough, because inside her she hides the warmth of a hug and the smells of our place.

I have good news for you from home. Just as we were exiting and leaving behind a long-running crisis, some challenged our borders. And then the pandemic came here.

We stood up to both threats: United, we protected our land border at Evros and our territorial waters in the Aegean, the Greek and European borders from the illegal flows of migrants sent by Turkey.

And so far, we are one of the most successful countries in the world in the fight against the coronavirus. We Greeks showed our virtues. And with these foundations, we will build, tomorrow, a more optimistic future.

I wish that the Light of the Resurrection that now envelops Greece accompany your own routes in the turbulent waters of the world. Make the compass a stable destination for success and return home. And until then, know that our thoughts never leave you. You will find it in every port you catch and every time you see on the horizon, the sea and the sky merge together as one.