'Ironing board challenge' could be the next Instagram trend

Ioanna Lilli

Ioanna Lilli

You have heard of the 'pillow challenge' but have you heard of the 'ironing board challenge'?

Influencers around the world have come up with ideas during quarantine and who would have thought that the latest fashion challenge to go viral on Instagram is wearing a pillow as a dress (Yes, you read that right).

Ioanna Lilli, the wife of Theodoros Zagorakis a Greek politician and former professional footballer, has participated in the newest and funniest challenge on social media.

In a post on Ioanna's instagram, wearing the ironing board, holding an iron in her hand and wearing heels, she explains to her followers: "Good morning-Xronia Polla to everyone!!! Yes, there was a challenge with (Pillow dresses) - I saw it with the ironing board!!! 😂😂😂 .... the sure thing is that the days of quarantine will be unforgettable!!! ..... May we all be well and we emerge victorious from this Invisible Enemy!!!!!!"

And the quarantine days continue….