The death of a 35-year-old Thessaloniki man is a "medical mystery"



A 35-year-old Thessaloniki man, who had no underlying health conditions, became the youngest coronavirus victim in Greece earlier this week.

Professor of Pathological Infectious Diseases at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Nikos Sypsas speaking to SKAI described the death of the 35-year-old patient with coronavirus as a "medical mystery."

"It's a tragic event that reminds us that no one is immune to the virus. At any age, even people who are perfectly healthy can lose their lives," said the professor.

His mother-in-law also spoke to SKAI about the tragic situation her family has experienced in recent days.

She states that her son-in-law was in excellent health and did not suffer from any underlying disease.

"Until Friday (April 10), my son-in-law was working. The same night he was shivering. On Saturday morning he had a fever, that went down and played on the balcony of the house with his daughter. At night, the fever rose again to 38.5. On Sunday, they called the Hellenic National Public Health Organization and they told him to stay at home for 3 days to see how it would turn out. My daughter asked if they should go to the hospital because there is a one-and-a-half-year old child at home," she said.

They finally took him to the hospital a few days later where a blood test was undertaken. The 35-year-old's wife also asked the doctors if the whole family should have tests done. "However she was told that we had to wait, as we may be asymptomatic and we would only do the test if we had a symptom."

By Thursday the next week (April 16) she recalled, he had developed severe pneumonia. "The same day he was put on oxygen...On Friday night at 12 o'clock they called us to tell us they will be taking him to the ICU and intubate him, because his condition had worsened. When he went down to the ICU, we had no communication. He was a young child who did not smoke, he did not have a health problem...He had his birthday on April 27...When they told us he had passed away, they also said we should do the test. They haven't called us yet," she concluded.

The 35-year-old married man lived in Thessaloniki as a carpenter and was the father of one child.