A day in the life of Covid-19 lockdown in Thessaloniki (PHOTOS)

George Zarzonis

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

George Zarzonis photographs deserted Thessaloniki during the coronavirus pandemic.

7 30 0
© George Zarzonis

7:30 - Nikis Avenue (central waterfront avenue in Thessaloniki)

The city is waking up; its citizens are still sleeping with their eyes open in their golden boxes. They dream of the black and white beach with colours. This simple geometry of the image reminds me of Sunday and August 15, reminds me the next morning of those heroic nights tied up with big celebrations...

10 49 0
© George Zarzonis

10:49 - Citizens

From the beach with a slow step I reached Diagonios and crossed Pavlou Mela. I got a double espresso from the lively grocery store "Ergon" and with the cup in hand I found myself in Agias Sofias Square...

12 15 a
© George Zarzonis
12 15 e
© George Zarzonis
12 15 b
© George Zarzonis

12:15 - Shopping

Kapani, Vlali and Ladadika market; gloomy! Visitors hung the colourless shoes over the paving...

14 45 a
© George Zarzonis
14 45 b
© George Zarzonis

14:45 - White Tower/Umbrellas

White Tower and Umbrellas in quarantine! Infected images, dead without a trace of life, without runners, cyclists and happy couples...

18:55 & 19:59 - Trigonion (Chain) Tower

And the sweetest pictures of the day:

A. The shadow of a girl who tried with her mobile phone to hold the yellow line of the taxiway, to keep alive the dream for the next trip...

18 55
© George Zarzonis

B. Unfortunately, the image with the three girls on the walls, dancing under the Trigonion (Chain) Tower, has no movement. They danced carefree, wearing white masks...

20 22 a
© George Zarzonis

20:22 - Castles

I found a stone bench on the ruined walls surrounding the infamous fortress of Eptapyrgio (Seven Towers)...From here I see the end of the day, in a magical sunset that I confess to being discovered by my need to go outside...

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*Images © George Zarzonis