Australian lab to commence animal trials for coronavirus vaccine

coronavirus lab

coronavirus lab

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an urgent, unprecedented global effort to develop a vaccine.

While a Covid-19 vaccine is very much needed, a rush to market to without appropriate testing could put healthy people at risk.

In a news report by ABC, viewers are taken inside a lab in Werribee, west of Melbourne (Australia) which will shortly commence coronavirus vaccine animal trials.

"We are a very small lab at Victoria University working on vaccines. Here is the lab where we do our experiments and we do a lot of our culture work," Greek Australian researcher Vasso Apostolopoulos said.

"We're looking at two different aspects of generating vaccines. One is purely synthetic. So it just uses a peptide, together with a carrier which is also synthetic and that will be adequate to make it a new response in humans. We're making the carrier, and we are collecting it and then we are going to mix it that with our peptidyl protein and then do the pre-clinical testing," she continued.

The vaccine must appear to be safe in animals, before early-stage human clinical trials are undertaken.

"We need a lot of people around the world to be working on vaccines, different methods and different ways of delivering the vaccine and in the hope that one or two of them would be successful," world-renowned researcher, Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos concluded.

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