Turkey wants to teach a new generation of students to steal Greek islands

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Turkish Admiral Turgay Erdağ wrote on social media:

"It will be our greatest strength to create a national consciousness for the Blue Homeland. Introducing this topic into educational programs will sow the seeds of this consciousness. Let's support the campaign launched by Admiral Mustafa Muzbei on this issue."

We do not think that this proposal for Turkish secondary and tertiary education will be accepted, as this is the dream of the current Turkish leadership. In other words, an entire generation will be nurtured in the neighbouring country in the sense of the so-called "Blue Homeland," which it will claim in every move in the future, reported Pentapostagma.

What is the "Blue Homeland"? It is the delusion of Turkey to control the maritime space and islands, including some like Rhodes and Lesvos, in the Eastern Aegean.

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This is not even a conspiracy, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan even poses in front of maps showing Greek maritime space and islands 'occupied by Turkey'.

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By forcing the idea of the "Blue Homeland" into the education system, convinces millions of Turks today and tomorrow that this plan is supposedly the "law" of the Turkish people.

Turkish students in so many "fairytales" learning about Greece will probably be taught now, for example, that Greece "stole" 23 islands and islets from Turkey, and that half of the Aegean belongs to it "rightfully". We are talking about absolute paranoia in every sense.

However, this is an educational reform, which will be voted on by both Islamists and Kemalists with both hands, whenever and wherever the current government decides to do so in Ankara, according to Pentapostagma.

In this way, Ankara will ensure that all future generations in Turkey demand from Greece things that are unheard of and, above all, non-existent, having relations between the two sides almost constantly at their worst.

So far, we have had a forum on this issue, with topics such as "Building the Future from the Atlantic, and the Eastern Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean."

At these conferences, the Turks normally introduced the term "Blue Homeland" with "pioneering ideas and enlightening solutions in this plan," wanting to divide the Aegean and plunder Greek resources in the Aegean Sea and islands.

It's also referred to as the "Blue Diplomacy" based on the orientation of the Turkish maritime geopolitics, covering specific maritime areas and emphasising Turkey's regional developments and relations with its neighbours, based on the effort of a social and political "bridge" with them.

The main problems facing Turkey today are, according to Pentapostagma:

  1. Turkey's future and vision for the marine ecosystem in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea, as well as the development of the capabilities of the Turkish Navy in the high seas.
  2. Structure of the Turkish naval forces and distribution of their force in the Mediterranean.
  3. Energy, competition for the Turkish Exclusive Economic Zone and the Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean.
  4. New variables in maritime geopolitics, Arctic, Istanbul Canal, etc. Turkish Maritime Merchant Vision and Future.
  5. Turkish Naval Vision / Future of Tourism Prospects / Analysis.
  6. Turkish warships and naval technology, industrial prospects.
  7. Maritime Security, Turkish Defence Industry, and Shipbuilding Industry, Capabilities.
  8. Turkish Ports, Marines, Ships and Yacht - Inland and Development Strategies.
  9. Possibilities of hydrocarbon extraction from Turkey at great depth in the open sea.

We are talking about the absolute "Black Plan" of Turkey.


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