55% of Greeks ready to return to 'normal' life post-coronavirus crisis



According to a new study recently released by Athens-based firm Kapa Research, more than half of all Greeks are ready to return to their “normal” lives once the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic subsides.

The countrywide study titled “Covid-19: Life with the Coronavirus and the Next Day” was carried out between April 15-17 and explores the changing attitudes to the covid-19 pandemic.

More specifically 55% of Greeks said they are 'ready' to return to their daily lives post-coronavirus crisis, against 7% who said life will never be the same. Further 25% said they would feel safer when a drug or treatment is found.

Findings additionally indicate that more Greeks are optimistic that the Covid-19 health crisis will be dealt with in the next month.

Citizens also appear more prepared/safe (when the state allows it) to return to recreational activities such as swimming in the sea (82%), going on holidays (77%), or going out for a walk or for coffee or food (80%).

On the other hand, they are more reluctant to go to nightclubs (54%), travel by plane (48%), use public transport (46%) or take part in sports activities in stadiums or gyms (46%).

On Thursday Greece’s Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias announced the gradual lifting of restrictions from May.