8 Year Old Boy’s Touching Anzac Day Tribute

An 8 year old boy has wowed his entire street in this morning in the Sydney suburb of Dolls Point as he blasted out a heartfelt rendition of The Last Post on cornet from his driveway this morning.

The Last Post is a bugle or cavalry trumpet call used at military funerals  and ceremonies commemorating those who have served or been killed  in war.

In Australia and New Zealand it is also played on Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day which is observed as a National Day or remembrance on April 25 each year, traditionally at the dawn service.

Typically, tens of thousands of people flock to attend marches or dawn services on Anzac Day, one of the most solemn days on the calendar.

However, due to coronavirus restrictions, Anzac Day services were called off this year.

This inspired a movement to encourage all Australians to mark their own commemoration at whilst staying safe at home by holding a ‘Light up the Dawn’ service in their own driveways this year.

Rocky-Dimitri Spiliopoulos Holt is only 8 years of age and has been learning the cornet for the past three years.

He has been practicing The Last Post and was up at dawn this Anzac Day morning to play this piece of remembrance on his driveway in Dolls Point.

Rocky-DImitri Spiliopoulos Holt play The Last Post on Anzac Day
*8 year old Rocky-DImitri Spiliopoulos Holt has been playing the cornet since he was 5

His proud mother, Haido Spiliopoulos, runs a music school in Ramsgate called The Music Space and thought that both of her sons would want her to teach them the piano –  the instrument that she teaches – but from the young age of 5 years old, Rocky-Dimitri chose his instrument as the cornet and just ran with it from there.

Rocky-Dimitri Spiliopoulos Holt play The Last Post on Anzac Day
*Rocky-Dimitri Spiliopoulos Holt with his brother and mother Haido Spiliopoulos


Rocky-DImitri Spiliopoulos Holt play The Last Post on Anzac Day
*Rocky-Dimitri Spiliopoulos with his proud yiayia and family

Rocky-Dimitri is now in the senior band at Bald Face Public School and is sitting his 4th grade AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) exam for the cornet at the end of this year.

He hopes to inspire other children his age to learn an instrument and to continue to choose to remember those we have lost.


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