MAJOR: Greek woman is found to have coronavirus 'again' 20 days after being discharged



A woman who suffered from coronavirus just a few weeks ago, has tested positive again.

The woman was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus at the end of March and was immediately hospitalised. After two negative results, she was then discharged in early April.

It is believed that once infected and recovered, you build antibodies that should prevent you from getting infected again.

However in the last 24 hours, the woman underwent a laboratory test at a hospital and has again tested positive for covid-19. Now, the National Public Health Organization is investigating the incident to see if it is a real re-infection or if she was mistakenly deemed recovered.

Yesterday, during his daily briefing at the Ministry of Health, Sotiris Tsiodras, when asked about the immunity of the population from the virus, said the difficulty of achieving this in a large part of the population is because of pre-existing conditions.

In particular, he stated that the goal was to build gradual immunity. That is, to gradually and successively expose the population to the coronavirus in order to show antibodies which will protect them.

"Two ambiguous views have been heard in recent weeks. One, the World Health Organization, says we can't be sure that the antibodies you develop protect you," said Mr Tsiodras, adding that he did not agree.

The second view, which he says he is drawn to, comes from well-known scientific groups, and he argues, based on the experience of other coronavirus cases, that there will be protection for at least a year.

Greece has been handling the coronavirus extremely efficiently compared to most of their European counterparts. As of Saturday, there were 2,506 cases. Of those 2,506 cases, 130 tragically resulted in death while 577 people have recovered.