Greece hired 3,337 frontline healthcare workers in the last two months



“Greece’s National Health System has been reinforced through the hiring of an additional 3,337 doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare staff in the last two months,” Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias stated.

Additional hirings for hospital and health centres throughout the country are also being approved daily, he added.

“This shows once again that Greece possesses top of the line human resources in health. Doctors, nurses, porters, paramedic staff, scientists and researchers in our labs,” the Minister concluded.

The figures for each healthcare region in the country are as follows:

  • Attica: 163 doctors and 747 nurses and other staff
  • Piraeus and Aegean: 72 doctors and 378 nurses and other staff
  • Macedonia: 29 doctors and 384 nurses and other staff
  • Macedonia and Thrace: 29 doctors and 228 nurses and other staff
  • Thessaly and Central Greece: 34 doctors and 388 nurses and other staff
  • Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Epirus and Western Greece: 38 doctors and 599 nurses and other staff
  • Crete: 37 doctors and 211 nurses and other staff