Stefanos Tsitsipas' birthday prank to Nick Kyrgios?

stefanos tsitsipas and nikc kyrgios

stefanos tsitsipas and nikc kyrgios

Wondering how to celebrate your friend's birthday from a distance during the coronavirus pandemic?

Instead of using 'Zoom' to sing 'Happy Birthday' to them, Stefanos Tsitsipas has pulled the ultimate prank.

In a cryptic Instagram post less than an hour ago, Greece's tennis superstar uploaded a photo of himself holding up a cardboard sign with the words "CALL ME" and an Australian phone number.

Scrolling through the comments, birthday boy Nick Kyrgios who turns 25-years-old today, replied to the post saying "You are an absolute i**** 😂😂😂 everyone stop calling me!!!!!"

It turns out, the number Tsitsipas posted, could indeed be Kyrgios' number.

The number when called, now goes straight to voicemail.

Happy Birthday Nick Kyrgios!