Afghan migrant: "We love Turkey very much, we do not love Greece at all"



Making the rounds on Turkish media are the comments an Afghan migrant recently made: "We love Turkey very much. We do not love Greece at all."

Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the question then is why did the migrant leave Turkey to try and enter Greece?

The first and expected reaction would be because he wants to eventually reach another European country like Germany, the United Kingdom or Sweden and not stay in Greece.

But then the question becomes- why did he not try and enter Europe from Bulgaria instead?

Well that is because in early March, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reassured Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov that no illegal migrants will be sent to his country, thus proving that the unleash of tens of thousands illegal immigrants on Greece's border in February and March was nothing more than an asymmetric invasion attempt by Turkey.

The illegal Afghan migrant identified himself as Ali Muhammad and said he had no love for Greece despite desperately trying to enter illegally.

"Greece is not good, but Turkey is very beautiful. They beat us. They took our things. They took our shoes. You see, my friend's feet are very bad," he said.

Of course though, in another article published by Greek City Times, the lies of Turkish media and the illegal immigrants were debunked.

"We walked here from the Evros River. Now we will walk to Istanbul from here. They did not take us to Greece. We love Turkey. We do not like Greece at all," he said.

Although Turkey funded, transported and and encouraged illegal immigrants to enter Greece, it appears many of them have not realised that they have just been used as a Turkish chess piece against Greece - which utterly failed.

Despite coronavirus crippling Turkey with over 112,000 cases and 2,900 deaths according to the latest figures, with those disputing the official figures being arrested, Turkey has not abated its aggression against Greece.

Turkey continues to violate Greek airspace on a daily basis, publish provocative news that Greece's islands belong to Turkey and sends illegal immigrants.