Greek police arrest 7 migrants in connection to migrant camp violence

Σάμος 741x486 1

Σάμος 741x486 1

Another fire broke out at the Vathy refugee camp on the Greek island of Samos on Monday morning, this time in the juveniles wing inside the hotspot.

Meanwhile, police expressed concern over a spate of fires at the facility that started in the afternoon and during the night on Sunday, which led to its partial evacuation.

The fire spread quickly due to the flammable materials in the camp and the gas canisters used for cooking inside the tents.

Clashes between Africans and Afghans residing in the camp also broke out on Monday.

Seven migrants have so far been detained in connection with the clashes.

It is noted that according to official data from the General Secretariat of Information and Communication, as of April 22, there is a total of 7,216 refugees and immigrants living in Samos.

In Vathy, where the hotspot has a capacity of 648 people, 6,869 refugees currently reside there.