Retired Turkish Admiral: "Hellenism Ideology" usurps our "rights" in the Mediterranean

Retired Turkish Major Admiral Mustafa Özbey

Retired Turkish Major Admiral Mustafa Özbey

Retired Turkish Major Admiral Mustafa Özbey pointed out that the Greek and Cypriot problems in the Turkish education system are not dealt with in detail unlike Greece and Cyprus whose school systems and church instil "Hellenic Ideology."

Özbey who spends his retired life on Twitter dreaming of Turkey's occupation of Greek islands and maritime space, is a strong supporter of the "Blue Homeland."

What is the “Blue Homeland”? It is the delusion of Turkey to control the maritime space and islands in the Eastern Aegean.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan even poses in front of maps showing Greek maritime space and islands ‘occupied by Turkey’.

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Özbey wrote on his Twitter account:

"Hellenism is an ideology. The Greek school system and church, the "Hellenism Ideology"; puts it into a lifelong education format. Ideology is not defeated by arms. It is eaten with the idea. Greek and Cypriot problems are not covered in detail in the Turkish education system."

"Our children are in school; Turkey's national interests will not graduate with information disclosed to them. Therefore, it does not have enough information to compete with the ideology (Hellenism). Hellenism tries to usurp our Blue Homeland rights in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean."

"The task of the Turkish State; To raise responsible citizens who know the threats and risks across their country. For this reason, BLUE HOMELAND, which is under the attack of Hellenism, must be covered in the school curriculum.”

Essentially what Özbey wants to do is indoctrinate future generations in Turkey with falsities, propaganda and no respect for international law.

The United Nations Charter Law of the Sea, in which Turkey is of course one of only fifteen countries in the entire world to not sign, shows that the true maritime waters of the Eastern Mediterranean is far different from Özbey's and Erdoğan's delusions.

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So although Özbey wants to say that the United Nations stipulated maritime borders are in fact "Hellenism Ideology," it is in fact just international law that he clearly has no regard or respect too, and would rather see future generations of Turks propagandised with falsities, to ensure instability in the Eastern Mediterranean.