Soundtrack to a pandemic: Greek rap describes the crisis in Greece

rap coronavirus

rap coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has done untold damage to the music industry, but that doesn’t mean that musicians are being any less creative.

Qimera and Rosie have made their musical debut on Youtube with a COVID-19 inspired rap song, that poetically describes the era of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece.

From a lyrical standpoint, the rap has an uplifting tone and a spirit of resilience.

The message of the song can very well be summed up with the lyrics:

Είναι ο καθένας από μας μία σταγόνα
Τόσο μικρή μα τόσο σημαντική
Μα αν ενωθούμε όλοι σε έναν αγώνα
Θα φτιάξουμε μαζί μια θάλασσα μαγική


Each of us is a drop
So small but so important
But if we all unite in one struggle
We will make a magical sea together

The lyrics and music were written by Qimera, mixing by Lambros Kritsimas – Soundgarden Studio and video production by Ni.Ko.

Released on April 27, the video already has 16k views.