99% accurate coronavirus antibody test approved for use across Europe



A new antibody test that would reveal if someone has been infected with the novel coronavirus and claims to be 99% accurate, has been certified for use across Europe.

Global diagnostics specialists Abbott, which has a UK base in Maidenhead, aims to have shipped millions of the laboratory based lab tests across Europe by the end of May.

The company’s diagnostic test has been given a CE Mark certification showing it complies with EU safety rules and can now be used in labs across the UK to test for antibodies created when a person has been infected with Covid-19.

Mike Clayton, managing director of Abbott’s Northern Europe diagnostics division said: “Abbott has been focused on bringing COVID-19 tests to market as quickly as possible to help address this pandemic.

Antibody testing is crucial to helping identify patients who have had the coronavirus infection and have developed immunity.

“We are proud to be able to provide our antibody tests immediately as they will help understand who has had the virus, leading to greater confidence as we get back to living life. We are collaborating with the NHS, public health bodies and private laboratories across the UK to enable this test to be used here," Clayton added.