Elderly woman raped and robbed by Roma brothers in the Peloponnese



Disclaimer: Details in the article below may be disturbing to some readers. 

It took one week for the police to locate, identify and arrest the perpetrators of the heinous acts of robbery and rape against an elderly woman in ​​Zacharo in the Peloponnese, according to Pentapostagma.

The perpetrators are said to be two Roma brothers aged 20 and 42, who lived approximately 500 metres from the victim’s home.

The perpetrators were brought in from the outset of the crime by authorities for preliminary investigation.

The criminals originally gave an alibi, however the police, following the movements of the suspects and also using technology, managed to gather information and confirm that they were the perpetrators of this horrific crime.

On Easter Sunday, the two brothers broke into the woman’s home and violently attacked her to obtain money and valuables, before they proceeded to raped her.

The criminals even found her bank card and wanted to extract the woman’s savings. Even though she herself told them that she had no money, they did not believe her and threatened burning her alive (with a gas bottle) if she did not give them her pin number.

Frightened, she gave them the number.

One left for the bank in the woman’s car and the other stayed behind to guard the woman, but she was raped again.

The second brother returned from the bank a few hours later, since the account had no money. Outraged, the perpetrators, who did not find what they wanted, again threatened to burn the woman who was now forced to show them some of the jewellery she had, worth 300 euros.

They took the ornamental pieces along with 200 euros found in her wallet and her mobile phone.

After the initial arrest of the two suspects, police continued to monitor their movements. When evidence confirmed that they were the perpetrators of the robbery and rape, the police organised an operation to arrest them. Thus, yesterday morning, the Pyrgos Security Sub-Directorate, with the assistance of the Kalamata Security Sub-Directorate, carried out simultaneous police operations in Zacharo and Mikromani, Messinia, during which the perpetrators were located and arrested.

During their interrogation at the Pyrgos Security Sub-Directorate, they admitted guilt and will face court.