Exarcheia: Young Iranian woman stabbed, drug trafficking network arrested

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A riot broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning on Strefi Hill in the central Athenian neighbourhood of Exarchia, when a 20-year-old Iranian woman was found stabbed in the leg, Security News reported.

In particular shortly before 5:00am, Exarcheia residents informed authorities about intense fights, voices and screams seen and heard in the wider area.

The DRASI group of the Greek police within a few minutes arrived in the neighbourhood where they found a young woman covered in blood lying on the ground. She was given first aid by the officers, before being transported to the Red Cross hospital, by the ambulance, where she remained overnight.

According to the testimony of the 20-year-old Iranian, two people of foreign origin, "probably Arabs" according to Security News, approached her, pretending to be the police "with the ultimate goal of robbing her".

3 21In an attempt to defend herself, she managed to kick the perpetrators, with the latter stabbing her in the leg.

According to police sources, there was a manhunt by the Greek Police in order to locate one of the perpetrators. Exclusive information to Security News says one perpetrator was located.

2 16Meanwhile, a drug trafficking gang operating in the greater Exarcheia area was dismantled by the Athens Security Sub-Directorate in collaboration with the Crime Prevention Prevention Team.

In particular, four Iranians and a Greek woman were arrested. At the same time, four additional foreigners, members of the same circuit, have been identified and are wanted. It is noted that after information was given, a special group was set up by police to locate and arrest them.

Police searched homes in the areas of Agios Panteleimon, Kallithea and Exarcheia, where they found and confiscated: 14.9 grams of heroin, 22.7 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 2 bottles containing methadone, a glass device used for crystal methamphetamine, 13 mobile phones, 13 mobile phone cards, and a car.

The detainees were taken to the Athens Public Prosecutor's Office.

Exarcheia is known as the "anarchist quarter" of Athens and is a hotbed for radical politics. It is also an area with a high population of illegal immigrants, drug distribution and a lot of other criminality.