Greece sends desperately needed medical supplies to Greek community in Albania

2 15

2 15

On Tuesday, Lambros Kakisis, the Consul General of Greece in Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρο, Albanian: Gjirokastër) in Northern Epirus- today's southern Albania, handed over medical supplies for the treatment of coronavirus to the Argyrokastro Regional Hospital, which covers the health needs of all people in the region, reported.

Among the items gifted by the Consul General were masks, gloves and antiseptic items.

The director of the hospital, Sokoli Feruni, and the governor of Argyrokastro, Astrit Aliai, were present at the reception of receiving the items that will assist in the management of serious health problems of Albanian citizens.

The Greek diplomat also provided similar assistance to the Greek minority municipalities of Finiki (Φοινίκη, Albanian: Finiq) and Dropolis (Δρόπολης, Albanian: Dropull) in Northern Epirus.

The material mainly came from the Attica region of Greece, but also from other Greek organisations that coordinated their contributions through the Consulate General of Greece in Argyrokastro, the only thing that can currently cross the Greek-Albanian border. The Greek Consulate has also undertaken the provision of medicines from Greece for hundreds of Greek people from Northern Epirus.

Meanwhile, since yesterday in the region of Argyrokastro, in the prefectures of Agoi Saranda (Άγιοι Σαράντα, Albanian: Sarandë) and Delvinou (Δελβίνου, Albanian: Delvinë), as well as in the Municipality of Himarra (Χειμάρρα, Albanian: Himarë), the quarantine measures have been abolished for several hours of the day (from 8.30 to 17.30), but not all restrictive measures. This measure was taken as in the 50 days of quarantine in these areas in Albania, as well as other municipalities, no cases of coronavirus were detected and "green zones" were declared.

To date, there are 766 confirmed cases in Albania. Of this number, there are only 281 active cases, as 455 people recovered and 30 cases have tragically resulted in death.