Turkish Coast Guard caught pushing boat of illegal immigrants into Greek territorial waters (VIDEO)

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Incredible footage was recorded yesterday by the Hellenic Coast Guard, that once again proves how the Turkish Coast Guard not only makes no effort to prevent illegal immigrants from attempting to enter Greece, but rather promotes it.

A Greek Navy ship and patrol boats of the Hellenic Coast Guard located yesterday morning in the waters to the northeast of the Eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, a boat with illegal immigrants.

This boat of illegal immigrants were under the watchful eye of the Turkish Coast Guard who were sailing in that area.

Following the actions of both the Joint Research and Rescue Coordination Center of the Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters and the operative vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard in the area, repeated attempts were made to contact the Turkish authorities in order to pick up the boat of illegal immigrants. As usual, of course, the Turkish authorities ignored the communication attempts made by the Hellenic Coast Guard.

According to the Coast Guard Headquarters, the boat with the illegal immigrants, which did not enter Greek territorial waters at all despite the efforts made by the Turkish coastguards to push them inside of it, was finally collected at noon yesterday by the Turkish coastguard, after being stranded in open seas for many hours.

This of course is of little surprise as the Turkish Coast Guard is one of the biggest human trafficking networks in the world who often facilitate and support illegal smugglers to get migrants into Greece.

Although coronavirus is gripping Turkey with over 3,000 deaths and 117,000 infections, if official figures are to be trusted, Ankara has not abated its aggression against Greece. Turkey still continues to try and send illegal immigrants into Greek maritime space, illegally violates Greek airspace with its war planes, and uses its media to provocatively claim Greek islands as being Turkish.