Cyprus to ease lockdown from May 4

coronavirus cyprus

coronavirus cyprus

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday announced that Cyprus will be easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions by allowing some businesses to reopen from May 4.

“The danger, I repeat, has not gone away. As scientists emphasise, the coronavirus will be with us for a long time to come,” the president warned.

Construction and related companies would be allowed to reopen, as would retail businesses apart from malls and large stores.

The maximum number of daily outings has also been increased from one to three, while the night curfew will remain in force.

Churches will be allowed to resume services on May 4, but congregations will be limited to 10 people until June 1, when they can operate normally in line with stipulated hygiene rules. The ban on large weddings and funerals remain the same.

If scientific data allows, all restrictions on movement would be lifted from May 21, Anastasiades added. “I want to be absolutely clear: the validity of these measures is absolutely aligned with the continuation of the respect and solidarity which an overwhelming majority has shown."

June 1 will see public beaches open to bathers, while museums, libraries and archaeological sites will start accepting visitors.

There has been no updates of when airports will reopen.

At the time of writing, Cyprus has reported 850 covid-19 infections and 15 deaths.

“I also want you all to feel proud, because once more our small nation has become an example of a successful handling of yet another crisis,” Anastasiades stated.

Cyprus took measures early to prevent the spread of coronavirus, shutting its borders to all except Cypriots, European workers and those with special permits, then extended the shutdown to all air links. These were followed by a stay-at-home order that only allowed once-daily outings for limited reasons, including essential shopping and visiting doctors, and a night-time curfew.