Russian deputy says he is "proud" the Soviets gave weapons to Turks that massacred over a million Greeks

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Congratulating his Turkish counterparts on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Grand National Assembly last week, Russian Duma deputy Sergey Markov said that Russia is "proud" that they supported the Turks 100 years ago.

A Deputy of the Lower House of the Russian parliament, known as the State Duma, and also the Secretary General of the Russian-Turkish Public Forum, Markov said to Sputnik Türkiye that to "our counterpart, Turkey, I would like to congratulate the Parliament's 100th anniversary. This is the foundation of the new Turkish state."

"The will of the Turkish people who wanted to take their own future into their own hands and change the conditions that the imperialist powers were trying to dictate was manifested in this way," he said.

An interesting statement that buys into Turkish propaganda that it was engaging in an anti-imperialist struggle as if it was a colonial state. Rather, they were still fighting under the banner of the Ottoman Empire, an imperialist power itself that for hundreds of years subjugated and exploited Christian Orthodox people, meaning that this war Markov referenced was actually just another inter-imperialist conflict, not an anti-imperialist one.

However, the most bizarre statement he made was when he said "We are proud of the fact that Soviet Russia provided great help and support to the Turkish people in establishing their new state."

The Bolsheviks sent to what was still the Ottoman Empire, weapons and 300,000 tons of ammunition to Constantinople and to Pontus to support the Turks. It also just so happens to be that Pontus is where the greatest atrocities by the Turks during the Greek Genocide occurred.

Although Markov naively calls the Turkish aggression a so-called struggle against "imperialist powers," he completely omits that from 1913 to 1923, over 3 million Christians, mostly Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians were genocided by those very same Turkish Nationalists and Soviet Russian weapons that he is "proud" about - something that will be exposed in an upcoming documentary as reported by Greek City Times.

Markov is making the same mistake that the Bolsheviks did by foolishly thinking that Turkey could be a partner of Russia. The Bolsheviks believed that Turkey could become a Soviet Republic, and in their mad dash to expand Soviet influence, they actually ended up supporting forces, that many academics, including Marxist ones, consider fascist. There is little wonder Nazi Germany often praised those Turks that Markov says he is "proud" that Soviet Russia had helped.

2As a thank you for the weapons used to massacre millions of indigenous Christians in Turkey and defeat the Greek Army in 1923 that was fighting to liberate their people from an imperialist empire and end the Greek Genocide that was occurring since 1913, Turkey was not only friends with Nazi Germany, but it also joined NATO in 1952.

Although Greece also joined NATO at the same time as Turkey, it was done so under an occupation government after Soviet leader Joseph Stalin abandoned Greece to British and American occupiers with the signing of the October 1944 Percentages agreement. Turkey however joined NATO on its own free accord.

Although Markov says that Turkey is part of a new Eurasian order, he clearly still has not woken up from a slumber and realised that the positive but short-lived Russo-Turkish relations that emerged after Turkey murdered a Russian pilot in Syria in 2015, has ended. This is mostly due to differences over Syria's Idlib province and Libya, and confirmed when only earlier this week the Turkish government emphasised to U.S. President Donald Trump that they are NATO friends and allies.