Giannis sells MVP merchandise for charity

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Collectible match-worn signed shoes belonging to Milwaukee Bucks star and last season’s NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and a signed T-shirt from his personal collection with Nike, are being auctioned to raise funds to combat the coronavirus pandemic in Greece.

The auction on also includes personal items and trophies of other famous sport personalities and Olympic athletes.

The auction for the 'Greek Freak' merchandise ends on the 7th May 2020, 23:05 (GMT+3).

According to the website, "It was time to take action. Motivated by sensitivity, implementing solidarity, we used our imagination to raise money for funding charities. We decided to collect sports memorabilia and items of stars and artists in order to auction them and gather money for institutions... Our goal is not only to raise money for the institutions, but to inspire feelings of solidarity as well. Besides, according to our moto, all together we can make the difference! And what is more encouraging than our idols to take initiative to change the world!!!" 

The auctions have so far raised €45,000.

You can make a bid for the MVP merchandise here. 

Giannis Nike shoes signed