"Greeks were quick to accept the new normal": The New York Times

new york times and greece

new york times and greece

The New York Times (NYT) praised the Greek government's efforts for managing the health crisis in an article titled "Greece Has ‘Defied the Odds’ in the Pandemic".

The article reports that "For years, Greece has been seen as one of the European Union’s most troubled members, weighed down by a financial crisis, corruption and political instability. But in the coronavirus pandemic, the country has emerged as a welcome surprise: its outbreak appears to be far more limited than what was expected. As the virus spread across Europe, many Greeks feared the worst: They would be the next Italy or Spain. After all, the country’s health care system had been weakened by a decade-long financial crisis. And Greece has one of the oldest populations in the European Union, second only to Italy, leaving it more vulnerable to the disease."

"Greece defies all predictions," said Kevin Featherstone, director of the Hellenic Observatory at the London School of Economics, which the article cites.

"Across the country, many Greeks were quick to accept the new normal, even foregoing things like gathering in groups to roast lamb on Orthodox Easter. That might have been unthinkable just months ago."

The story was published after Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the gradual lifting of the coronavirus measures.

According to Featherstone, "the government had 'followed the science' by making Dr. Tsiodras the lead on policy, and that giving Mr. Hardalias the power to oversee the country’s response to the outbreak helped ensure things ran smoothly... Neither of these actions are typical of Greek governments when faced with challenges."

This 'praising' article comes after the NYT last month disseminated a fake news story that the Greek government was ‘holding illegal migrants who crossed the border from Turkey at a secret “black site” where they are being abused or denied due process.’