Pastitso + Pie = Pastitso Pie!

Pastitso Pie

Pastitso Pie

We have all eaten many plates of pastitso in our lives, but none have tasted as truly original and delicious as this.

Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and his wife Kathy, have once again created something that makes you and your tastebuds dance... the 'pastitso pie'!

Pastitso (a delicious and classic Greek dish full of richly flavoured meat, pasta & béchamel sauce) + a pie (a classic Aussie icon made with a shortcrust base and a rich beef mince gravy) = "Mmmmm sooo good!"

"I basically combined my favourite Greek dish growing up, with the famous staple Aussie meat pie," Aki stated.

Pastitso Pie

Aki and Kathy are constantly thinking of new flavours and ideas to introduce to their most beloved family, their customers.

This ladies and gentlemen is just genius and deliciously satisfying!

But if this doesn't fancy you, don't worry Alevri have plenty of home-made Greek sweets and pastries.


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