‘Stay Home’ with Anna Vissi and her music (VIDEOS)

2 years ago

Many artists aren’t simply adapting to these new circumstances; they’re using this time to share music that speaks directly to our current moment.

Following the success of Antonis Remos, Greek Cypriot artist Anna Vissi gave audiences a special “Μένουμε Σπίτι” (Stay at home) performance on Friday night.

“Music is the strongest antidote, especially in times of isolation and loneliness” and Anna Vissi called upon audiences to “remember, sing and fall in love.”

Just a few minutes after 11pm, when Anna Vissi welcomed audiences to the program, #SpitiMeTinAnna became the number one trend in Greece with thousands of posts from viewers praising her talent but also thanking the singer for brining her voice in their homes.

During singing breaks, Anna Vissi had the pleasure of talking to the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis, who sent his own message to viewers: Of course, I know that the road is long and the thread of victory is long. The unknown behaviour of the coronavirus does not allow complacency or self-satisfaction. After all, trials are not limited to the consequences that have affected or are affecting health. Unfortunately, they are expanding into tomorrow’s anxiety for thousands of employees and businesses. Today, Labor Day, you are giving me the opportunity to send a strong message. The state will continue to be the safety of workers. What I watch with great satisfaction are the successes of Greece. It seems that in the nature of the Greek it is to succeed in the difficult. I feel, like all Cypriots, very proud of your reputation.”

“Tonight’s concert is an ‘injection’ of hope for those who will have limited unique moments of entertainment at home. Thank you my dear. My best wishes to you and the Greeks everywhere,” he concluded.

And the guests did not stop there. Stefanos Tsitsipas, Maria Sakkari, Giota Gianna and Jean Paul Gaultier, also joined the program.

The music brings comfort, solidarity and some beautiful relief in trying times.


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