Lions enjoy their freedom from mankind during Covid-19

Lions lying on road

Kruger National Park in South Africa closed its gates on March 25 as a result of the coronavirus and the park’s lions seem to be enjoying their tourist-free environment right now.

In photos taken from within the national park,  a pride of lions can be seen sprawled out across the road, a highly unusual sight during the daytime as the thoroughfare is typically congested with traffic forcing the lions to retreat into the surrounding wildlife.

Lions lying on road

Lions lying across road Kruger National ParkIsaac Phaahla a spokesperson from the national park told CNN “There is a clear change in animal behaviour, not just the lions, since the national park shut down to avoid infection. They occupy places they would usually avoid when there are tourists there. People must remember that animals still live in the wild in Kruger National Park and wildlife becomes more active when people’s presence is excluded.”

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything on the planet and when the quarantine is over, the (new) world the citizens will meet will be very different.

The characteristical changes of the animals at the Kruger National Park is one such example of this, where the lions now roam the roads and sleep on the asphalt as there are no cars to prevent them from doing so.

The incredible and rare images of the lions are one of the positive environmental impacts of the coronavirus on earth.

Photo Credit: Kruger National Park

Source: CNN Greece

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