BBC: Greece acted fast, can it also save summer?



Although Greece was once labelled as "the black sheep of Europe," the country in recent times continues to be globally praised for its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In an article published by BBC, Greece was discussed with Croatia on how they acted fast and now "need to save summer."

In Greece "the government moved well before the virus reached its shores, as it saw infections spread in Italy. An ad-hoc scientific committee was set up with top epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease experts. Some accused the government in Athens of not just entrusting the handling of the pandemic to scientists, but of handing over responsibility too," the article states.

Then, the British publication notes, one by one, the tighter restrictions imposed by the Greek government. "Greek enforcement was strict too. More than 60,000 fines were issued for violating the lockdown which, according to Greek police, totalled €9,247,800."

The BBC makes a special reference to Easter celebrations, which it describes as "one of the biggest challenges facing the Greek government."

"Now Croatia and Greece are moving to a gradual easing of those restrictions... This year's motto, says Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis, is that Greece is coronavirus-safe. The Greek economy had only just begun to recover from an eight-year financial crisis when the lockdown was imposed," it noted.

Now, Greek scientists are working on the conditions that tourists are required to have to travel to the country. "The basic principles behind the new rules are that social distancing will be required, and that more frequent and different kinds of cleaning procedures are to be followed," according to a study by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

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