How many millions of SMS messages did Greeks send to “13033”?



Residents of Greece sent a total of 110 million text messages to the number '13033' to obtain a movement permit during the 42 days of lockdown.

The number, set up by the ministry’s General Secretariat for Telecommunications and Posts in cooperation with the country's telecommunications providers, was designed and launched in less than 48 hours. It started operating on March 23, when the stringent ban on movement came into effect, and lasted until 6 am on May 4, when gradual restrictions were eased.

During the lockdown, only those going to or from their workplace, shopping for food or medicine, visiting a doctor or pharmacy, taking brief exercise or walking their pet were allowed to leave their homes.

According to data released by the Digital Governance Ministry, on average, the number served 1,818 messages per minute, while during the highest traffic it processed 7,500 messages per minute.

Greeks took to twitter to farewell the use of '13033' and the movement permit.

"Buh-bye, 13033, hope we'll never have need of you again," one twitter user wrote.