International Hellenic Association: When Greek television plays Turkish series, we change the channel!

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The International Hellenic Association has made a new statement saying that when Greek television stations play Turkish series, that we should change the channel.

Read the statement in English here:

According to the weekly "Observatory of Turkish TV Advertising on Greek TV" (detailed below at the end of the announcement), two major multinationals emerged as Gold Sponsors, with 12 or more advertising messages, for the week of 18 to 22 May 2020.

The first Gold Sponsor of the Week with 35 advertising messages, GlaxoSmithKline, a British multinational pharmaceutical company and the second Gold Sponsor of the Week, with 18 advertising messages, the giant American multinational Procter & Gamble (Greece).

GlaxoSmithKline (35 promotional messages for Panmigran, Parodontax, Panadol, Sensodyne, Voltaren, Corega) and Gamble Procter (18 advertising messages for the products Pampers, Always, Lenor, Oral-B, Pantene Herbal Essences Pure, Head and Shoulders, Swiffer, Viakal) inundated advertising space when Turkish television series were being played on Greek channels.

But who is GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical (multinational) company that shows complete indifference to justified reservations, certainly at least a part of its consumer public, which pays out of pocket for its advertisements in the Turkish TV series? In short: A multinational mired in scandals from America and Europe to faraway China.

At present, consumers of Panmigran, Parodontax, Panadol and Corega products of GlaxoSmithKline who advertise during the viewings of Turkish series, can ask their pharmacist for products from other pharmaceutical companies so they can systematically avoid products advertised during the viewing of Turkish Television series.

We call once again for the companies that advertise on STAR and SKAI channels to give instructions to exclude promotions of their products during the viewings of Turkish series. Such an action is an elementary response to the peace-loving aggression of the Turkish Islamists.

There are many similar shows and many other channels with the same or larger viewers, from which they can broadcast their advertising messages, without provoking their consumers who are forced to pay out of pocket the advertising messages of the products they buy.

Turkey's long-standing expansionism is now being carried out by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's extremist Islamists, and is expressed in a persistent and abominable hybrid war that presents many different 'faces':

Conventional operations: Last month alone, in April 2020, 507 violations of Greek airspace were recorded from 160 Turkish fighter jets, which in fact flew over Greek territory in 81 cases. In March, the Turkish military, along with the Gray Wolves extremist group, moved to the Greek-Turkish border and guided thousands of illegal immigrants on how to cross into Greece - in many cases with the threat of violence. At the same time, Islamists with other conventional "operations" (a Turkish ship that ran aground in Tzia with 190 illegal immigrants, a Turkish coastguard who "accompanied" illegal immigrant boats on a Greek island, etc.) are constantly trying to transport illegal immigrants - mainly from Asia and Africa - onto Greek islands. The last Turkish conventional 'operation' ( Friday, May 22, 2020) concerns the invasion of Turkish soldiers and the occupation of a small part of Greek land at Evros, where they also installed a Turkish flag.

Misinformation: Turkey is reportedly announcing agreements with Israel regarding the demarcation of maritime zones, as well as with the Secretary General of NATO about Libya - which Israel and the NATO head both denied. Let's not forget the 'categorical' statements of Turkish officials about 'murders of illegal immigrants by Greece at Evros' or about the 130,000 'refugees who passed through Greece' in the first days of the organised Turkish attack on Evros. The same Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu personally, on March 4, 2020, stated to British counterpart Dominic Raab that (supposedly) 'Greece gives weapons to kill residents and illegal immigrants.'

Cyber ​​Warfare: On January 17 and 23, 2020, 'unknown' Turkish hackers launched an attack on Greek government websites, including the Greek Parliament, the Stock Exchange, the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Interio and Protection Shipping as well as the websites of the Prime Minister, the Fire Brigade and the Police. They even had the audacity to upload on their Facebook page a message that - among other things - stated: 'Greece has started to itch again.'

Propaganda: All pan-Turks (Islamists and the 'opposition'), with the sole exception of the People's Democratic Party (HDP), say that Greece allegedly occupy Turkish islands. Almost everyday we hear Turkish propaganda from all levels of the political and military establishment accusing Greece of (allegedly) 'violating the Treaty of Lausanne' by reversing the fact that it militarised the Aegean islands and that 'must be demilitarised' (but Turkey can keep its army just opposite from the Greek islands, but Greece must have its islands unfortified) and many other feuds, but extremely dangerous in terms of cultivating hostile and warlike climate.

Use of electronic media to shape public opinion: The most useful 'tool' in this form of hybrid warfare is the 'innocent' Turkish Television series that have been broadcast on Greek television for fifteen years, creating a false and completely misleading image in Greek public opinion of Turkish society. Greek viewers are considered by Turkish Islamists to be naive and foolish who swallow the virtual reality they are offered with the Turkish-showcase series.

It is characteristic that the Islamists not only subsidise Turkish showcases for Greece and other countries, but also many productions that identify swindlers, murderers, thieves, prostitutes, traitors, etc., with Greeks. These productions are shown with great success in Turkey and are exported to various other countries of 'Turkish influence.' This phenomenon, just a few years ago, took on such a large scale 'properly shaping Turkish public opinion' that the Greek minority in Constantinople, through the representative of minorities was obliged to appeal to the Turkish Supreme Broadcasting Council (RTUK).

Turkish Islamists on the one hand insidiously dig the foundations of Greek society with the constant 'brainwashing' of the Turkish language and the systematic 'beautification' of Turkish society with non-existent standards. On the other hand, the same people of the Turkish Ministry of Culture (that is, Propaganda), subsidise productions that present Greeks as swindlers, criminals, robbers and traitors.

For all these reasons and many more that will be analysed gradually, when we turn on our tv's, when they play Turkish series, we are changing the channel!