Bulgarian Deputy PM: International communism created a fake Macedonia

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1 17

Greece's northern neighbour now known as "North Macedonia" has a policy of imposing an artificial identity with a falsification of Bulgarian history that does nothing good and divides society further, said Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakachanov according to Focus News.

The comment was made in an open letter in response to the chairman of the co-operation group between the parliaments of "North Macedonia" and Bulgaria Ilija Dimovski, who made a scandalous reading of our history, and concluded that "Macedonians are as Bulgarian as much as Bulgarians are Greeks."

"A few days ago, former [Skopjian] Prime Minister Gruevski had written a lengthy interpretation of history on the internet, and I responded with arguments, fact by fact. It was not circulated by any [North] "Macedonian" site or "Macedonian" media, but my comment was read by over 36,000 people in [North] "Macedonia" as early as May 2nd," the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister said.

"Obviously this topic provokes irritation and debate in [North] "Macedonian" society and we are witnessing another politician, incompetent in the history of his own country and people, who is trying to interpret the facts in an extremely elementary, or I would say, illiterate way," he added.

Karakachanov highlighted that in recent years more than 20 books have been published in "North Macedonia," some of which are documents, and other original memoirs of Bulgarian militias that operated in Macedonia during the late Ottoman period. These documents speak of Bulgarians and not of "Macedonians" and the "Macedonian nation."

"If these politicians like Mr. Dimkovski had bothered to read several books, not published in Bulgaria, but printed by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences or the Macedonian archives, they should have been a little more restrained in their reckless and illiterate comments and interpretations of history," he said.

According to Karakachanov, the results of this policy are disastrous - the "Macedonian" population decreases and Albanian parties take more serious prevail. According to the current Constitution in "North Macedonia" it is not possible to form government without being in coalition with an Albanian party.

"The prospect is unhappy with those politicians who have locked themselves in their glass world from crooked mirrors and defended the Comintern [International Communism]. There is written evidence that the "Macedonian nation" is part of the Communist International's strategy in Moscow to create new nations. The idea of a seperate "Macedonian nation" was imposed by force on the "Republic of Macedonia" because it remained part of communist Yugoslavia. You cannot create an identity by falsifying history from thousands of years ago," concluded Karakachanov.


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