Greek General to NATO: "There will be an accident if Turkey continues its actions"

Konstantinos Floros

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Greek General Konstantinos Floros held two teleconferences with NATO officials in which he made it clear that Turkey's provocations in the Aegean and at Evros on the Greek-Turkish land border, will lead with mathematical precision to an accident with unforeseen consequences.

Turkey's daily aggression against Greece are obviously well known in NATO, which systematically covers it up and protects them from international scrutiny.

The danger of an accident caused by the Turkish violations in the Aegean and more broadly by Ankara's attitude towards Greece, was pointed out by Floros when he said "the risk of an accident and the serious consequences that such a thing will bring" is real.

More specifically, Floros held two teleconferences on Thursday.

One was at the request of the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Sir Stuart Peach, as part of the forthcoming meeting of the NATO Military Committee to be held on May 14, 2020.

The other was with the Deputy Commander of the Allied Powers in Europe, General Tim Radford, at his request and in the context of his recent assumption of office.

A number of issues were raised, such as the coronavirus and military issues.

Floros referred to the recent escalation caused by the immigration crisis in Evros and in the Aegean, that was orchestrated by Turkey.

He also discussed with the two NATO heads about Turkey's delinquent behaviour in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, as seen by the daily air traffic violations of Greece's national airspace, including overflights at Evros and on the islands, as well as the illegal marine surveys and drilling in Greece's maritime space, and the violation of the UN-imposed arms embargo on Libya, in addition to other provocative actions.

Floros also referred to the harassment of a Greek helicopter by Turkey, which was transporting him and Minister of Defence, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, as reported by Greek City Times.