Bulgaria increases pressure against Skopje, offers passports to Slavs in Albania

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It has been a difficult two weeks for the Macedonians, as Bulgaria increases its pressure so that the people of "North Macedonia" can reconnect with their roots.

Bulgaria is asking Skopje to drop claims that there is a “Macedonian” minority in Bulgaria and to stop claiming the existence of a “Macedonian language," in order for them to join the European Union, as reported by Greek City Times.

This also comes as the first ever Foreign Affairs Minister of the Former Yugoslavia Republic of “Macedonia” (now known as “North Macedonia”) after the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, Denko Maleski, said “We are past the time when Macedonian history was protected by the powerful Yugoslav federation and could, without pressure, selectively choose the building blocks of the Macedonian nation, and could cross out the mentions of ‘Bulgarian’ and write ‘Macedonian’ instead.”

Now Bulgaria is even looking beyond the borders of "North Macedonia" and is reconnecting with their ethnic kin in Albania and reminding them that the communist era is over and that they are in fact Bulgarians.

Those desperately holding onto the ridiculous notion that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great are now outraged that Bulgaria is offering the Slavic community in Albania passports.

The "Macedonian" Ilinden Association of Tirana condemned the recent challenges of the Deputy of the Bulgarian Government, Krasimir Karakatsanof, MEP Andrey Kovachev and the Bulgarian Embassy in Tirana, for giving Bulgarian passports to the Slavic minority in Albania, according to Mia.mk.

"We strongly condemned the latest provocation of Krasimir Karakatsanof, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria from VMRO-BND, and Andrei Kvachev, MEP from GERB, as well as the Bulgarian Embassy in Tirnana, who wants to buy Bulgarians in Albania by handing out passports. With that, they want to provide proof that there are no "Macedonians" and "Macedonian language" in Albania," read the associations statement.

According to the association, there are no Bulgarians in Albania, and that the Slavs that exist in Albania are actually "Macedonian" who because of their weak economic situation are looking for European passports, which the Bulgarians offer.

"We call on the European Parliament to take action against Andrei Kovachev, who has been putting pressure on the "Macedonians" in Albania since he took office. We once again condemn the Sofia government for its discrimination, racist and Nazi demands for the non-existence of the "Macedonian people" and the "Macedonian language" as a whole," the statement concluded, which was signed by the associations President Nikola Gjurgaj and the president of the branch of Golo Brdo, Ili Khalil.

*Updated- May 11