Say "I love you Mum" in Greek

say I love you mum in greek

No one can deny that a bond between mother and child is the most important and sacred relationship for a person’s life.

Grown adults still tear up thinking of their mothers and when they sigh out of fear, exhaustion, pain, surprise or joy, this is the one person that is constantly on our minds. 

A mother’s love is like an ancient spell that transcends natural laws to keep you safe

Mothers are special creatures. They are a bit like superheroes, only stronger.

They have all the answers, they know how to take pain away just with one warm kiss, they know how to push stress away just with a warm touch, they know what to do when the washing machine is flooding the room, they know how to cook delicious food, wash clothes without turning them a different colour, keep the perfect garden, have an amazing career, educate children, be a good friend, they say the right thing when you need it and sometimes say the worst thing when you least need it.

But we adore them regardless because it always comes from a place of ultimate, almost dogmatic, unconditional love. The kind of love that feels like an ancient spell that transcends the laws of nature and science to always keep you safe.   

All mothers are special. And then there are Greek mothers. 

They are the ones who will recite a monologue straight out of an ancient Greek tragedy to convince you to finish the food on your plate because when your grandparents were your age they were starving because of some war.

They are the ones who make you take a jacket with you in the middle of summer, just in case.

They are the ones who cook for a dinner party of 11 people when it is just you visiting them for the weekend.

They do not go to sleep until you are back from your night out, even when you are 28 years old. Especially when you are 28 years old.

They are the ones who ask “is this what you are wearing?” and although you are a grown person who has been dressing themselves for years, you immediately question your choice of clothing.

The greatest Mother’s Day’s Gift for your Greek mom 

Mother’s day celebration might seem like an unimportant commercial day for some, but it can actually be the one day in the year when we remember to tell our mums how much we love them, how much they mean to us.

Her presence is so ubiquitous in people’s lives, people who are still lucky to have their moms around may sometimes forget to express their immense love and gratitude towards their mothers.

So why not treat Mother’s Day as the perfect reminder to pause for a second and remember to thank our moms, or simply show them our love?

While cards and flowers are great gifts that she will definitely cherish, there is nothing that will please a Greek mother and grandmother more than hearing you say how much you love her in Greek. 

Greek Lessons Online Mothers Day


The most important ambassadors of Hellenism

When it comes to their contribution to Hellenism, Greek grandparents especially are the Greek teachers’ best and true allies in teaching Greek to younger generations of the Greek diaspora.

They just love showing the Greek community how their little successors count in Greek, sing Greek songs, read and write in the Greek alphabet.

“Pappous and yiayia give a constant fight to keep the Greek language and culture alive,” points out Mrs Stella Bompotsiari, Director of the worldwide online Greek School, Greek Lessons OnLine.

Can you think of a better Mother's Day gift than being able to say “I love you” in Greek and to learn the language of your ancestors so that you can always speak it with your mum or grandma?

They will be immensely proud and happy with this gift and a little relieved that now they can say their favorite sayings straight in Greek without having to use graceless translations.

“Eat something! All that is left of you is skin and bones” hits very differently in Greek doesn’t it? 

Learn to love greek

Your mother definitely knows you adore her and she doesn’t really need you to give her anything as long as she sees that you are healthy and happy.  Learning the Greek language, however, as a Mother’s Day’s present to your mum is something special that will sincerely move her, enhancing the connection and communication within your family.

The teachers of Greek Lessons OnLine are ready to welcome your family in the great journey of Greek language and culture that keeps Greek families from around the world connected forever.

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